I-Way World in Lyons, France is chalk-full of racing simulators

If you’re the type that daydreams about being behind the wheel of a Formula One car, we may have found the place where you can fulfill your dreams without actually being inside a real F1 car.

That place is the I-Way World in Lyons, France, and it’s got just about everything a racing fanatic would want under one roof. Designed by renowned artist Cyrille Druant back in 2006, the I-Way World comes with a number of unique spaces including restaurants, shops, lounges, a spa, conference rooms, and even office spaces. And there’s also that little matter of those revolutionary 18 six-axis race simulators featuring a variety of racing series’ including Formula One , endurance racing, and rally/touring racing.

Getting behind the wheel of one may sound like a lot of fun, but it also comes with a price. One race behind a simulator costs $73. There’s also a 10-race package that goes for $770, which isn’t exactly peanuts for a lot of us. Those who go to I-Way World without the intention of trying out these simulators can also opt for a little recreational fun with shops that include Porsche Design, Tag Heuer , Sparco, and Equipaggiamenti.

Whatever your intention is, the I-Way World in Lyons has something enjoyable for you to do, making it one of those places that should be on the list of anyone who has plans of making a trip to France.

Source: I-Way


Well, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the styling of the car. This is definitely the coolest real -life racing game that I have known. If only I have the money I will try this one!lol

Wow! This is definitely a great chance to experience the real thrill of Formula One. However, it seems that we need to travel straight to Paris just to try this one.

I bet this is one of the best car game that was being invented. I would love to try on this game and experience the fun driving behind F1 car.

Wow! It seems that France doesn’t want to be in the last list when it comes to modern technology. I bet this is the best real life car game that I have known! If I was given a chance to went in France I definitely wouldn’t missed to try this once in a lifetime chance to experience the Formula race not as an audience but as a F1 driver!

haha. What a waste I think it would be better to play a car games in the comfort of your home rather than waiting my money on this simulator game!

So, that it means that this is just a driving simulator? Heck! I better purchase the Forza Motor Sport 4 rather than going to France for this I-Way!

So French design and invented this car game? It was awesome and once in a
lifetime opportunity wouldn’t cost you more! I want to test drive all of this car!

Wow! So finally they have make our F1 dreams come true! I would definitely
don’t waste this one in lifetime opportunity to do so!

this is the way it should play.. the GT5 is meant to play like this.

Nice! I wonder how much does it costs to play an hour in this simulators.

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