ICSI and Diamler to manufacture turbochargers

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ICSI and Diamler to manufacture turbochargers

Germany’s automotive spearhead Diamler, have inked a pact with Japanese components maker IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI). The companies will come together and manufacture turbochargers for petrol and diesel engines.

The plant will be set up at Arnstadt in eastern Germany which will provide employment for 400 people. IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI) holds the majority stake in the deal.

Turbochargers are air pumps which force air into the inlet manifold at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. They capitalize on the wasted energy of the exhaust gases for their functioning and in turn increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine. This partnership will turn out to be very useful for Mercedes-Benz as their future turbos might be developed and manufactured in this facility at a lower cost.


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