Identities of men on-board Tesla plane crash have been revealed

Further details behind the tragedy that struck Tesla Motors after a Cessna 310 plane carrying three of its employees crashed into an East Palo Alto neighbourhood are being revealed, including the identity of all three employees on-board the plane when the crash occurred.

It was already reported yesterday the identity of the pilot – 56-year old Doug Bourn, a senior electrical engineer for Tesla – but now, the two other employees onboard have been indentified – Andrew Ingram, 31, an electrical engineer for Tesla and Brian M. Finn, 42, a senior manager of interactive electronics. Incidentally, both Finn and Ingram are from the same Palo Alto district where the crash occurred with Finn only living two blocks away from where the plane crashed.

Details surrounding the cause of the crash are still unknown although a few reports have been released saying that a mechanical problem occurred shortly after the plane lifted off, causing it to crash soon thereafter.


accidents do happens, we just have to pray for their souls, condolence...

Condolence to the family of the ones who died in the tesla plane. i hope they find their peace in the next life.

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