Infiniti bringing sports car concept to Geneva

It’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla surrounding the 2012 North American International Auto Show , but that doesn’t mean that we’re closing our eyes and ears to everything else going on in the automotive world. Especially when it comes to the Geneva Motor Show this March.

One automaker that’s looking to kick-start some buzz is Infiniti . Nissan’s luxury brand has officially released the first teaser image of a new electric sports car concept that’s going to break cover in Geneva.

Details are limited at this point, although we’ve been told that the car will carry a mid-mounted powertrain that will provide weight distribution and handling for the extended range vehicle. According to Infiniti, the still-to-be-named concept car will be an electrically-propelled vehicle that will make for a "vivid, engaging and sophisticated driving experience" for drivers everywhere.

It’s been no secret that Nissan is looking into bringing a new electric car in the US for some time now. This concept car could very well be the precursor to that car, and if we do say so ourselves, we’re looking forward to seeing what Infiniti has up its sleeve when the covers are pulled on this concept car at the Geneva Motor Show.


What a surprising teaser! This strikes me on the violet body paint. This Infiniti would bring a promising concept to Geneva. I’m sure everyone will watch this look.

I’m fascinated on its purple look and someday will turn into a more fantastic one. I’m looking forward for more models of this.

The sneak peek of the Infiniti really looks good. It’s should be a pleasure to the drivers to drive this electric racing car.

A lot of confusions with this teasers. At least the readers have to expect more from Infiniti. March will be the next moment where I’m going to read a new article about this.

There are no news about this? Well, I was surprised. This is something worth reading for. Few months till March and we have no ideas about this Infiniti car.

Preferably, it looks so exciting on the body paint selection. I am fascinated on its purple look and someday will turn into a more fantastic one. I’m looking forward for more models of this.

It looks so exciting when it comes to design. I can’t wait enough to see the whole package of this model. I’m sure everyone will watch this look.

Is there no updates yet? I am too keen to know more about this teaser. I am fascinated on its purple look and I am sure that this one will turn out to be a fantastic car, just like what they have said.

I can’t wait for new update about this concept. I am pretty sure that we will be surprise on how this car will turn out. More details now, and this time I am hoping for an unlimited. smiley

Yeah, i would agree @Dah_Wette, I could hardly imagine what this car will look likes and it made me so excited so I will watch out for this one.

I can’t imagine what this concept car of Nissan will llok like, and I am so excited. From that teaser picture, I could say that this car is gonna be a bomb. What a pretty purple car to be.

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