Infiniti Getting Serious With its IPL Line with Help From Red Bull Racing

Infiniti IPL G Coupe

Infiniti Performance Line (also known as IPL) was a line specially developed to offer customers higher performance version of the standard Infiniti models. Still, with 348 horsepower under the hood you can not really say we are talking about a high-performance model.

However, according to recent reports, things are about to change as the next IPL models, starting with the Q50 IPL will be developed in cooperation with Red Bull Racing team. Official from both Infiniti and Red Bull companies have confirmed that this means "genuine engineering collaboration" and not just some simple logo stickers.

We are not very sure if this means the next Q50 IPL will be indeed a serious competitor for models like BMW M3, but still it will be an extremely capable sports sedan.

In order to make an idea on how the next IPL models developed in cooperation with Red Bull team you should take a look at the FX Sebastian Vettel SUV.


Maybe Infiniti Performance Line will be good since it offers higher performance version of the standard Infiniti models. I just hope the specially developed concept is enough to impress the customers.

red bull is everywhere! i am wondering when are they going to release a cook book?

wow, as far as I can see, infinity and red bull make great duo!!

Infiniti is a new car , i have never heard about it...

This car is seriously a performance car! I am wondering how would it feel like driving it!

Infiniti already has wings!It’s like a car coming right from heaven, from the hands of baroque little angelssmiley

I love Infinits promotional campaigns! The pictures are really great, and they know how to sell their products

I heard that Red Bull and Infiniti make a good home. We will see if it is true in the near future, I guess

Not in a 1000 years infiniti is going to be a better competitor than bmw, I’m sure of that

Red Bull does not know what they are saying ... Infiniti is a great car!

I don’t find this Infiniti such a powerful car..I mean, it looks good, but considering the technical is disappointing

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