Infiniti M hybrid aimed for double mileage

Infiniti’s new M35 Hybrid is about to go on sale and it seems that Nissan is pretty confident about their new hybrid system. The company expects the new model to deliver nearly double the mileage of the gasoline-engine version.

"Typically, carmakers say the fuel economy improvement on their cars using a ’strong’ or ’full’ hybrid system is roughly 30 percent, while for ’mild’ hybrids (like Honda’s), it’s 15 percent," said Koichi Hayasaki, chief engineer of Nissan Nissan ’s rear-wheel-drive hybrid system. "We’re aiming for an improvement of 60 to 90 percent," meaning the future M hybrid will have the same fuel economy of a compact car."

The M35 Hybrid is powered by a gas/electric power train system that combines a naturally aspirated 3.5 Liter V6 and an efficient electric motor. The electric motor acts as both a propulsion unit, boosting the V6 with a “power assist” mode when the pedal is pushed to the metal and also as a generator to power the vehicle’s accessories and improve the engine’s efficiency. However, the combination of electrically charged wound wires and powerful magnets is not the only item that charges the hybrid’s next generation Lithium ion battery pack, but it is also recharged by the luxury sedans deceleration and braking.


We’re talking about how much it costs? When we say cheaper, that would be more chance to increase its sales. However, we should always check on some other factors. It sounds intriguing to discover that hybrid cars are much cheaper nowadays.

Does it has something to do with the previous hybrid models? I am not very particular about the Insight when it came out but I’m sure that they’re developing a new one. Looks like you’re too sure about this news.

It was so threatening to hear about the price increase of the fuel because it would definitely affect even the basic commodities but the suggestion were great. Hybrid would be a smart choose for fuel crisis but the only problem is that they have a freaking high price. Aside from that selecting a car that has a better gas mileage is a good choice too. But i think, the best would be using public vehicle by means of transportation.

Impressive claims/goal! Looking forward to seeing if they can manage near 90%!! Nice car too, see a bunch of them now, not my style, too bubble inspired, but a nice car none the less.

Unfortunately, that’s not how big established companies with hired competitive engineering staffs who work on this kind of thing. It’s always more of engineering, more complexity, more work, and (supposedly) more job security.

I don’t think that this will be a big hit even if the cost is cheaper. When talking about hybrid cars, Toyota is the leader.

What? Do they have something that no one else knows about? Honda was creating a lot of hype before the new Insight came out. It never matched the hype. I hope Ghosn does have something up his sleeve, but I’m skeptical. He seems like an up-front guy.

well I guess that’s not impossible for the Infinity, remember the nissan leaf? leaf outperformed the chevy volt. no wonder they will use the same technology of the leaf on the new Infinity Vehicles.

oh nice, let’s see how will the Infinity work on their visions.

Thank you Nissan, and I hope its a big hit. Price-tag willing, I’m sure it will sell well. Infiniti has stepped up its game incredibly over the last year. It has made up for my disappointment in Toyota’s decisions and future car lineup.

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