Infiniti prepares AMG powered models

Building alliances between automakers is something that has been done fairly often recently thanks to the downward spiral that was our economic state. The auto industry took a big hit and is just now starting to rebuild itself with teams coming together to reduce cost and create more powerful and more efficient vehicles. The recent Nissan-Daimler alliance is an example of this as rumors are suggesting that it will provide Infiniti with some power-boosting help.

Infiniti has already launched the IPL line, but apparently this is just the beginning. The IPL G Coupe’s 248hp will be chump change when compared with the IPL version of the Infiniti M, set to be launched in 2012. This vehicle will be carrying a Mercedes AMG sourced 6.2 liter V8 engine that will allow it to compete against models like the Mercedes E63 AMG and the Jaguar XF-R .

Along with the AMG engine, Nissan will also be replacing the current 3.7 liter engine with Mercedes’ forthcoming turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine in future G models.

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let’s not forget that this is just a concept vehicle. The speed performance of the car is kind of impressive. Its competitor has an impressive styling as well.

The Infiniti has made an elegant styling for the car. However, its kind of sad that this car is gas guzzler! Do they expect that someone will bought this car when there’s a crisis in the fuel?

Clean looking car!However, i guess the performance of the car is not that impressive. Nowadays, we couldn’t consider the v8 engine to be a modern technology. And based from what I have remembered the performance of AMG is not that superb.

It does lack low end torque compared to, say a 335i, but they just need to add DI to it to help out with that problem. Same for their V8 engines. The new 5.0 and 5.6 motors are STRONG.

Nissan already produces great power trains, just look at the VQ37+7AT combo. The transmission is one of the best autos, and the engine is a beast.

This is still the perfect crossover for women, but until they change up the look a little, I would be happy with a pre-owned FX instead.

The 3.5 VQ is smooth and refined compared to the MB V6 that’s heavy, underpowered, and gets horrible MPG’s. As soon as Infiniti starts adopting MB engines, I’m taking my money else where. Unless it’s a hand built AMG, MB engines are worthless. I’ll take Nissan’s VQ engine any day of the week.

The first product of the Infiniti division’s performance brings to the G37 coupe more power under the hood, an improved suspension and more individualistic design.

Too bad! but I’m expecting Nismo esque performance parts and hopefully an Infiniti based upon the GT-R.

so what profit do the AMG get to the Infiniti? will they sell more over the maket with these cillaboration? well lets just wait for some more news aout it.

wow I wonder what surprises does the Infinity AMG have in their store.. I really can’t wait for more news and details about it.

According to first information, Infiniti Performance Line could be a sub-brand that will rival the models from BMW M, the Audi’s RS and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG.

Infinity AMG has new Performance Line currently consists of little more than body modifications, a slight bump in power and minor suspension upgrades, but that could.

same here, I can’t wait to see Infinity-AMG car on the road. better prepare my camera to cath one next year.

wow... I really want to see this baby perform on the road, with those 3.5 V6 engine for sure Its fuel consumption is lesser than the 3.5L straight Aspirated engine.

This is good news. However I hope they will do a "backlift" since the back side and the back are the "sweet ass" of a car. Ain’t to sweet for the moment smiley

The major problem with W210 body style cars is rust - they will corrode starting from lower edges of the doors, even if they were well maintained and never touched by body shop.

now that was cool, I can’t imagine A Japanese Car Blended with a German technology, I really want to see the details of the performance of this Infinity AMG one.

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