Infiniti prepares M Coupe and Convertible

There’s no rest for the weary! Automakers everywhere are trying to step up their game to compete with the drowning economy and Infiniti is no different. After Infiniti unveiled the M luxury sedan we had no idea that they were considering expanding their lineup to three; sedan, coupe, and a convertible. This is, after all, an intelligent move by Infiniti if they hope to go head to head with the future Mercedes E-Class coupe and convertible version and the future BMW 6-Series .

The design language will be inspired by the Essence concept car that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary and to provide an inside look at the brand’s future. This future is in the Infiniti M Infiniti M coupe and convertible that will include the concept’s unusual B-pillar and front fender side vents. Like the sedan version, the coupe and convertible models will also be offered in M37 and M56 versions. The Infiniti M56 is powered by a 420 HP 5.6 Liter VVEL Direct Injected V8 and the M37 by a 330 HP 3.7 Liter VVEL V6. The M56 sedan is priced at $58,000.

Source: Inside Line


Why are they competing this with the new hyundai tucson and kia sportage?

Very impressive! The new M range of luxury sedans I think Infiniti is now considering expanding the lineup to include both an M Coupe and an M Convertible, and I guess the news of the new additions to the M lineup will comes via InsideLine.

For the infinity M, sedan version is enough to be honest many will like it than the convertible version.

Well, that was a worth to wait vehicle. To be honest, I really like the way infinity designs their car... and the engine is very reliable and performer.

At first glance, the B- ars look odd, but after a little, they complete the sleek design of the car and actually complement well with the shape and contours of the car. I think the M series is a good decision for Nissan.

Audi s5 coupe in Japanese. I’m feeling the front fender side vents but the B- ar is just disgusting.

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