Infiniti readying new sports coupe for 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Infiniti Essence

Auto Express has reported that Infiniti is readying a new entry level sports car for Geneva next year. The compact two-seater sports car is expected to slot in just below the Infiniti G-line and will come with sporty engines, a rear-wheel drive set-up, and a Lotus-tuned suspension system.

For now, information regarding this car is still thin, but you can definitely expect more news regarding what appears to be Infiniti’s answer to the Mazda MX-5 Miata in the coming months leading up to next March’s Geneva Motor Show.

Nissan’s upper-echelon brand has released some interesting concepts over the past few years and we wouldn’t be surprised if this new sports coupe takes some of the design language of say, the Essence or the new G37 Coupe , and translates it into a production version.

Whatever the case may be, we’re getting excited thinking about what Infiniti has in store for us with this car, even if it isn’t scheduled to be unveiled for another 10 months.


I can’t remember any production vehicle from the Infiniti that stands out in the market! And I don’t know if they have plan of competing the successful and popular vehicle of the BMW and Mazda.

Recently, I haven’t heard any news about the production plan on this car manufacturer. I wonder if they are going to make a competitor for the BMW M series or Mazda Miata?

I wonder why they are using a rear wheel drive for this car.. Based on what I known this set-up is quite too complicated and hard to control once you stepped down on the brake pedal. I wonder on how this car will turn out.

Its roof reminded me of electrics cars and the exterior seems to be so lame I can’t see any appealing details And how about in the interior..when will can we see it?

Since they would be releasing this one at the 2012, they actually still have a lot of time to develop this one. So I really wouldn’t be surprised if they unveiled a radical design.

Well, if the picture that I am seeing above is the one they will be bringing in for the Geneva show, then I am all up for it. Though that one is really still a long way off.

Yeah, knowing Infiniti, they will probably come up with something radical again, just like what they were able to do in some of their previous releases.

Well now, this one would really be interesting to see. I think it has been a while since Infiniti released a sports coupe, so it would really be interesting to find out what they would come up with.

Hmm, it seems that the competition for the next year’s models. The last time that I have beard, it was Mercedes who who was planning to go after Infiniti with their new model. Now it seems that Infiniti itself is releasing a lot of new models.

Borrowing the suspension of this car makes me wonder on why they haven’t borrowed the whole engine and modify it a little bit. Is it possible? However, I was looking forward on how will they compete the quite successful production of Miata.

Does it mean that this car is directly competing the Mazda MX-5 Miata? But we all know that this Mazda car has only around 100+ hp. And the expected power output of this car would be the same with the Lotus. Confuse here.

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