Informative Video showing how Air-power could replace Petroleum fuels

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Sometime in the future, gas stations would switch to selling gas. Gas in the sense, air, which when compressed to an extent, has enough energy to help a specially designed engine, generate power. Big companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz , are interested in looking for other ways to run their cars, and might want to take a close look at these air powered engines.

Sure, these things make a lot of noise and don’t coax out enough horsepower, but with time and research, things could change drastically. Just like how electric cars or hybrid cars have evolved and reached a certain stage where the trade-offs are not considerable and offer a number of advantages over the normal cars, soon air powered engines might catch on and small-car manufacturers could use them on a large scale.



great technology, it needs more research but i think that is a better than the electric engine.

Sounds like the early stages but very promising... Especially the fact that engine could be so light and so small, there is a bright future for sports cars !

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