Insider Report: Maserati Building a Sports Car Positioned Above the GranTurismo

Maserati’s future looks quite promising. It has just unveiled the new Quattroporte , and we are waiting to see the production versions of the Kubang concept and the yet-to-be-named sports car below the current GranTurismo . However, it looks like these are not the only models to be offered by the company, as Autoweek is reporting, via a Maserati employee, that Maserati will soon offer up a new sports car placed above the current GranTurismo.

Said employee told the magazine that this won’t be just a special edition of the current GranTurismo, but an entirely new model with completely different bodywork and with a more powerful engine. We believe this engine to be a more powerful version of the current twin-turbocharged V-8 developed for the new Quattroporte.

No other details have been provided, but rumors say the new car will arrive on the market by 2015.

Stay tuned for more details!



I think you can buy beautiful and most powerful cars with the same money.

I like it just for this aspect, that attracts me. Just because they look different’d buy them

Yeah, it;s something like this. Today I think, the cars with a more aggressive look are most wanted.

Seem to me to have too many curves, are too ... round

I believe that they sell and they will only have even more sales

I like them. Have a simple, elegant appearance. I’m curious how it will look the sport one.

they had luxury cars, right? got bored or do not have sales? hmmm

"Maserati Building a Sports Car" sounds very interesting and promisingsmiley

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