Introducing the Coke and Mentos-powered Rocket Car

For those of you racking your brains on what the next source of fuel is going to be, you might just want to skip all of that brainstorming and head on over to your nearest convenience store to scoop up a bottle of Coke and a pack of Mentos.

Okay, it’s not really an answer to fuel-efficiency, but it sure sounds like a fun thing to do.

Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz - two dorky scientist names, if there ever were two - experimented with the new Coke/Mentos fuel combination and walked away with some pretty amazing results. What they did was attach a rather sophisticated-looking PVC pipe crate on their customized tricycle, poured 108 two-liter Coke Zero bottles and dropped 684 tablets of Mentos. The result, as you can see in the videos before and after the jump, is one that all of us ought to try in an empty parking lot one of these days. Like we said, it may not be all that economical, but it’s sure going to be one heck of a ride.

Second video after the jump

Source: YouTube


Haha, that’s crazy but cool.

Those guy are cool. Just tie a man on a drum filled with Coke then put a bucket of Mentos, you’ll have a fantastic rocketman!.

That was a powerful trust by a carbonated water.

I wonder how many mentos they used for this experiments.

They are really weird, but it was a nice and funny video. Also, It was really a great join forces between that coke and mentos to provide a one heck of ride.

this test has been already featured at Discovery channel but they haven’t used is to propel a car or a bike.

Impressive experiments! I wonder how fast this cola rocket car can go.

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