Iranian engineer builds Hexawheel concept inspired by Mercedes

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If the sight of this vehicle makes your nose scrunch up and a "what the f*@%!" bubble appear above your head then you are not alone. This vehicle is one of the strangest we have ever seen with its unique Mercedes -inspired design language and its crazy structure. What in the world could anyone possibly use this vehicle for? Creator and Iranian engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi will tell you this vehicle was designed for “adventurous customers and people who need to move in extremely difficult conditions and terrains.”

This extreme off-road vehicle was designed after the jointed structure of insects and operates on a flexible frame and six wheels. This unique body, along with the diesel engine mated to a flexible hydraulic power transmission system, allows it to crawl over almost any obstacle with ease. The vehicle’s dimensions consist of a total length of 4.8 meters, two equal wheelbases of 0.95 meters, and a ground clearance of 46 cm.

The only place the engineer seemed to fail at, other than with the utter hideousness of the vehicle, is the space. The Hexawheel concept is only a three-seater and offers up a very small trailer space in back. Other than that, it is an awkwardly cool vehicle.


I’m tired of this kind of truck! So boring and useless. The specs use in this car is totally pointless!

haha. Though the concept is so cool! Still though its just another piece of worthless art!

Amazing! I couldn’t believe that Iranians got talent too, I mean concept wise; Hexawheel is one of a kind.

Is this kind of vehicle easy and convenient to use in any place? Its very unique though.

Did they say Hexawheel..that’s too much though!

Base from how it looks, it’s nearest relative of the autobots. Haha.

There’s no problem with this car, the only thing noticeable about it is the small truck.

haha.I think the number of the wheels so exaggerated they should have put big four wheels for it.

I agree with this, You can carry tons of tea and coffee beans from the farm.

Much more fun than driving an ATV. This is well suited for mountains and rough terrains.

Kudos to him! This car has unique designs for Mercedes-Benz.

Looks like an enhanced version of a golf car. This is good toy for snow and sand.

i bet this vehicle is fun to drive, i hope this is a 4x4 truck.

Cool custom vehicle but IMO it would be better if he made a 4x4 out of it that making it a car and a trailer.

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