Iron Man 2 films explosion scene at the Circuit de Monaco

More than any other Marvel movie franchise that we’ve seen recently, Iron Man has not only given us some pretty good entertainment, but it’s also featured some pretty snazzy supercars to go along with billionaire/superhero Tony Stark’s penchant for fast rides.

The soon-to-be released Iron Man 2 is no different and, if you ask us, it’s taken the whole Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous angle up a notch. Not only do we get to see the movie debut of the Audi R8 Spyder – it’s hard-top brother made a similar appearance during the first Iron Man movie – but as these photos show us, the producers even had the cajones to do an explosion scene at the – of all places! – world-famous Circuit de Monaco. You can watch the video at MSN France.

And oh yeah, a Rolls Royce Phantom even makes a cameo on-track, which makes us wonder if that exotic piece of beauty is bound for the scrap heap too.

Make no mistake, we like a lot of the movies Marvel has released recently, but neither Spiderman nor the Incredible Hulk can fit luxury cars, supercars, and exploding race cars at the Circuit de Monaco in their storylines like iron Man can.

Source: MSN France


Please tell me that they didn’t blew an Audi in this scene! O well, that’s what they do I guess, I mean even James Bond does it to his cars. It must be the new trend for the movies, blow a perfectly good car, but of course sometimes they trash it first, then finish up with the hero winning.

It wouldn’t hurt if kirbygarlitos knew the difference between "Cajones", which means "drawers" as in "Desk drawers", and "Cojones", which means testicles.

cool that was mad... i love seeing a car explosion like this, i wonder how much money they paid and will spent for the Ironman 2.

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