Is this the future Volkswagen Touareg?

While the other day the future Renault Twingo CC was revealed as a die cast version, today the same thing happened with the next generation Volkswagen Touareg that is set to be revealed on March 2nd.

The second generation Touareg will feature a new front fascia, with a wide horizontal grill that connects the headlights. The car will be much lighter than its predecessor, allowing it to reduce fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

Volkswagen will offer the standard six and eight cylinder engines, both burning petrol or diesel, but a hybrid version is also in the works.

Source: Telegraaf


But huge car uses a lot of diesel right?

well touareg is a well known SUV, it is very agile and tough yet it still has the comfort of a car. good thing that it’ll be in Hybrid, and VW has lessen it’s fuel consumption.

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