It's Official: Opel Volt coming in 2011

It’s no surprise. Not only is the Chevrolet Volt easily one of GM’s most ambitious projects (new technology, short timeline), but we have also been hearing many rumors that the European Opel brand will get its own version of the gas/electric hybrid. So, very few were surprised at the official announcement from General Motors at the Paris Auto Show that Opel’s Volt will arrive in 2011 (Chevrolet’s will debut in 2010.)

"Since fuel economy and the whole issue of ecological driving is as important in Europe as it is in North America, we made a decision that we’re going to trail the North American Volt with an Opel version of that vehicle in the 2011 time frame," said Hans Demant, managing director of Opel.

Opel will utilize the technology and powertrain from Chevy’s Volt, but says it will likely change the design for its customers. The final product will likely still look a lot like the Volt considering the final shape was chosen for its low aerodynamic drag.

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