Jaguar C-Type making a come back in 2012

The now Indian automaker, Jaguar, is currently working on a compact drop top sports car that can compete with the luxury roadsters of Germany, cars like the Audi TT, BMW BMW Z4 and Mercedes Benz SLK. The modern day C-type will make its official debut in 2012, around the same time as the upcoming reincarnation of the E-Type and future mid-engine supercar .

The new C will be a lightweight two-seater, based around an aluminum monocoque for the best mix of chassis rigidity and weight reduction. Under the hood, Jaguar Jaguar will use the same power plants as in the XF sedan. An entry-level version will be powered by a 3.0 Liter V6 making 235 HP and the top of the line model will take advantage of the new 5.0 Liter V8 making 380 HP. When it hits the test track, the eight cylinder version should be able to hit the 60 MPH mark in under 5 seconds.

So if Jaguar is bringing back the C-type, and plan to bring back the E-type, the only thing left for them to do would be a revival of the D-type . Perhaps it is the car’s racing pedigree or maybe it is the bulbous fenders or the vertical fin behind the driver’s head, but the D was the most attractive of all the classic Jaguar sports cars.

Source: AutoExpress


Insiders say that Jaguar is looking to compete in a market mainly dominated by the Porsche Boxster, Audi TT, BMW Z4 and the Mercedes-Benz. While many green cars are competing for the 100 MPG goal of the Progressive Automotive X Prize. Pretty exciting.

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