Jaguar C-XF concept-The new S-type

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Here is the concept that show us how the next S-type will look like.The car is the C-XF concept that will be sown at the Detroid Motor Show next month.This cconcept is very important for Jaguar because alongside the XK will trace the new looks of the British maker.

Source: carspyshots

 Jaguar C-XF concept-The new S-type

The lines of the concept are very modern and aggressive, with four-door coupe look like the stunning CLS, but a little more muscular shapes.

The styling seems to be similar like the Aston Martin Rapide or like the new Ford Mondeo, if whee look at the front, easy to explaine why, beacuse Aston Martin and Jaguar Jaguar are under Ford Motor Company, and if a concept make a hit, is very easy for them to export the recepy.It seams they did it again and caught our attention.

 The C-XF uses the S-TYPE R’s supercharged 4.2 V8 that pumps out 400 Hp.
 The production version dubbed XF may share the same platform with the new Mondeo, but will mentaine he overall shape as the approaching concept.

 Jaguar C-XF concept-The new S-type

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