Jaguar confirmed plans for F-type roadster and new small sedan

Carl-Peter Forster, Tata top boss, confirmed that Jaguar plans to build a new sports car, a fourth Range Rover , a BMW 3-Series rival and an executive estate. Of course, it’s not the first time you hear about a F-type Roadster coming from Jaguar, but this time we got the official confirmation. It will compete with models like the Porsche Boxster , the Mercedes SLK and the BMW Z4 .

The 2012 F-Type will be built on XF’s platform and will use the XK’s aluminum suspension components to save weight. Under the hood there will be a V6 engine with output around 235 hp. Twin turbos are a possibility. The photo shown here is of theJaguar F-type concept which was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show back in 2000. It was based off of the XK180 concept that had been unveiled a couple of years prior to that in 1998. Although the concept has stayed alive, the Jaguar F-type will look nothing like the concepts shown.

Unfortunately, the good news ends here as Tata still plans to close one of its UK factories. Forster believes it is much better for a car company to have one large factory, than two small ones. Within the next few years Tata will open a new plant in China where it will be build models like the Defender , the Discovery and the Freelander .

We guess it is safe to say that the promise of £1bn of investment every year for the next five years by new Indian owner Tata is being put to good use by Jaguar.

Source: AutoExpress


This would be a primarily about a compact roadster, which is a younger brother of the current XK, and could be called F-type.

Huh are they serious with the side mirrors?

It’s headlamps looks awful, it just like a side winder missile of the apache attack helicopter.

Yes! this is truly confirmed several sporty new models for development, including versions based on the XK and a brand new model as well.

This isn’t an accurate indication of what the XE will look like. First of all this concept was released ages ago, and since then Jaguar’s design language has changed incredibly. It should look great.

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