Jaguar Confirms BMW 3-Series Competitor

It looks like things are going pretty well at Whitley headquarters in the UK, as Jaguar has announced one new model after another. It’s true that after the new F-Type hit the market, we were waiting for some kind of confirmation on that long-rumored crossover. Not anymore, as the model has been pushed back and Jaguar will begin focusing on models that luxury buyers are clamoring for.

This new model will be a compact sedan that will be built not as a direct competitor to models like the BMW 3-Series , but rather one that Jaguar hopes will overtake it by offering an "lightweight aluminum construction and cutting-edge, super-frugal four-cylinder engines."

The new compact sedan will be built on the same Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) aluminum platform as the next-generation XF and XJ, and will feature a "blend of performance and efficiency, as well as very sophisticated equipment."

The new model - set to be unveiled in the next three years - will be offered in numerous body variations, including: sedan, station wagon, coupe and convertible. It will also be offered up with different engine levels.

Before you Bimmer enthusiasts start scoffing at the thought of Jag overtaking the beloved 3-Series, keep in mind that the BMW 3-Series has become more and more expensive over the years, while offering fewer and fewer standard options. For example, the 3-Series comes standard with “leatherette” upholstery, which is fancy speak for high-end vinyl stamped out to look like leather. Name us a Jag that has fake leather… You can’t. This is the same attention to detail that Audi has paid to make a sizeable dent in BMW and Mercedes’ market shares lately.

Jaguar has an uphill battle because of its recent reliability and build-quality issues, but the idea of it at least trying harder to compete with the big boys is refreshing.

Source: AutoCar

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