Jaguar F-Type comes to compete with Porsche

When it comes about sports car, Jaguar has a long history: starting in the 50s with the C-Type and to the the legendary E-Type they all were big success. Initial rumors said Jaguar will replace the X-Type saloon; but working on a new sports car is a better idea.

It will be the production version of the F-Type Concept unveiled in 2000 and will be a serious competition for the Porsche 911.

Jaguar F-Type comes to compete with Porsche

The production version will be based on the all-aluminium XJ chassis, making it a very hi-tech and lightweight model with the performance and handling to match the Porsche.

Company says it will be a more luxurious car comparing to the XK coupé/convertible. It will be the most dramatic Jaguar ever.

Production will begin in three or four years.

Source: The Sun

A two-seat sports car would bring an added dimension to the Jaguar line-up and underline the firm’s revival.

The new two-seater will be designed for a a whole new generation of customers.

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