Jaguar planning on building track-focused XKR-S Coupe

Jaguar XKR-S

The days when Jaguar was considered a "daddy car" are now long gone. The British automaker, once known for being a tad conservative, has begun to roar and bare its claws with a slew of new models that are all far more aggressive than what we’ve become accustomed to.

And now, they’re taking that bar up to a whole new level with reports coming out that the company is considering building a handful of special-edition XKR-S Coupes that will be completely track-focused.

According to Frank Klaas, Jaguar’s Global Head of Communications, the proposed special edition XKR-S Coupe will be built and developed specifically for those who would want to stretch their legs on the track and lap or race to their heart’s content.

There’s no word yet on what this car will look like, but considering its purpose as a track-focused sports car, it could very well be redesigned, with the removal of the rear seats, the addition of race seats, a fire suppression system, and the inclusion of a roll cage being the first changes made. Consequently, some of the plush amenities of the "standard" XKR-S Coupe will likely be removed in favor of lighter equipment.

For their part, Jaguar is keeping a lot of things about the car tight-lipped, although it wouldn’t surprise us to see a prototype model making the auto show rounds in the near future so the company can gauge customer interest.


Who says it can’t be a daddy car again? I think it’s suited to be driven of anyone of any age anyway. It’s exterior creates a heavy impact so it won’t be surprising if it appeals to most people.

It’s totally an awesome development. The change of concepts helped, and now Jaguar has been brandished with a new reputation on the market. No longer they are “daddy car” creators, they have also infiltrated the teenage guys’ tastes now.

Well, it’s good to hear that Jaguar has plans for this kind of car. It’ll be more famous if they would finally produce some of it. The concept of creating a car that was focused on track would make the race lovers to enjoy their ride while making a zip on the track. I’m looking forward to see some of the concept designs as well as the machine and other specifications.

It was a great idea to have produce a coupe that will e track-focused. It’ll be more convenient and comfortable.

It seems that Jaguar’s new models are now far aggressive than what they used to. This one has an aggressive style that is built-in with new features and developed specifically.

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