Jaguar readying C-X75 prototypes for testing and development

Jaguar C-X75

When Jaguar unveiled the C-X75 concept two years ago at the Paris Auto Show, a lot of people wondered how far the Big Cat was going to go in the development of the concept. After all, Jaguar has had a long absence in the super car market and many had doubts on whether the automaker was serious about entering a market that already had plenty of sharks in it.

The latest word to come out of Motor Trend is that Jaguar isn’t only serious about the C-X75, but serious enough to actually build 5 prototypes of the concept for the purpose of ’testing and development.’ The end-game? Build 200 models of the plug-in hybrid supercar.

Bob Joyce, Jaguar Land Rover’s group engineering director, talked with Motor Trend to discuss the company’s plans for the C-X75. "The business wants to put this car into volume production but it has to meet all its targets for positioning and price," Joyce said.

With that condition in mind, Jaguar is setting some pretty lofty goals for the supercar, including some pretty exciting performance numbers like hitting 0-60 mph in under three seconds and 0-100 mph in under six seconds. Of equal importance, considering its plug-in hybrid set-up, is that the supercar should have an EV range of 37 miles and Euro CO2 numbers of less than 100 grams per kilometer.

So if anybody still had any doubts about Jaguar’s plans for the C-X75, no less than a member of Jag’s senior management has put all those questions to rest.

Source: Motor Trend


Probably one of the most powerful car of Jaguar. Not only that, it can be really popular.

If this one is released, then it would be a great break for Jaguar because it is really a great supercar.

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