Jaguar supercar put on hold

Recently Jaguar announced plans to bring the F-type roadster out for the world to see, but apparently this decision has affected the arrival of the long rumored mid-engined supercar .

We have to remind you that the supercar had been confirmed at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show by company boss Mike O’Driscoll and spy shots have suggested that it was built as a competitor for the Audi R8. It was based on an all-new aluminum chassis and was supposed to use the same 5.0-liter supercharged V8 as the XFR . The target with the next supercar was a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds and a top speed of 225.

However, it seems that Jaguar decided to put it on hold and make room for the F-Type roadster. This actually makes sense because the F-type has been rumored for so long that it seems appropriate to unveil it to the world first. The economical situation also provides for the F-type roadster to better in sales than a supercar.

Source: Auto Express


Impressive front end. I really love the headlamps and it fully redesigned chrome grille.

Good decision! Put it on hold because it seems that the design have some similarity to some other car which the audi R8.

for sure there are some more features they wanted to add on the jaguar Super car.

Well, I guess they wanted to enhanced their super car more. I guess this baby can now beat the hell out of the Veyron when put into production.

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