Jaguar takes the next step in developing the C-X75 supercar

Jaguar C-X75

We’ve all been patiently waiting for Jaguar to prepare a production version of their impressive C-X75 Concept released in 2010, and we’re going to be waiting even longer since the production model won’t be unveiled until 2014. That being said, the long road to production will be paved with milestones to keep us entertained, including TaTa’s official opening of the factory that will build the gas turbines for the supercar.

This factory is the Bladon Jets Engineering Center in Coventry where 15 people will work on developing the micro gas turbines. A turbine develops 95 HP and weighs 77 lbs. It has fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine and doesn’t need oil lubrication or water cooling, which offers packaging and weight advantages.

The tricky part is that not all of the C-X75 units will combine these turbines with four independent electric motors at each wheel. The majority units will be powered by a a four-cylinder turbo engine developed by Formula One team Williams.

It’s a small step towards production, but it’s a step nonetheless.

Source: AutoExpress


Ah, they should make this concept happen. It sounds interesting and brilliant.

Will there be any production of this wonderful concept? On the other hand, will it stay as a concept?

I thought it was going to unveil this 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately, I have to wait even longer. The Jaguar concept will be produce, but I don’t know when. I hope that they will give us the production date.

Finally, Jaguar takes this step. So are we assured that this concept wouldn’t remain a concept until 2014. I’m looking forward to scanning the images as soon it was updated. 

Wow! That’s pretty nice to hear. It keeps on innovating and using a new high-tech materials to have a good production version of their impressive concept.

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