Jaguar XF Coupe rendered

A week ago we reported that Jaguar was planning a coupe and a station wagon version for the current XF sedan . Jaguar CEO Ralf Speth said: "the Jaguar XF shows we can compete…we need more vehicles in that family".

Of course with that type of news, the internet was abuzz with folks trying to figure out what these two versions would look like. The photo here is a rendering of the future XF Coupe. The XF Coupe will be revealed in 2011 and will carry over all the details from the sedan, including the diesel S engine and the S/C 5.0 liter lump. There is also a possibility for the coupe to get the new 4.4 liter TDV8 we expect to see in the Jaguar XJ .

But before the coupe version graces us with its presence, we will see the XF Station Wagon unveiled at the Paris Auto Show. We received a rendering of the station wagon version about two years ago which just proves how long this presentation has been discussed. Aroadster version is also a possibility.

Source: Cars UK


OH yeah, this is definitely as awesome vehicle. I wonder if jaguar still offer a SUV type vehicle? I like styling of the car.

I think it would be better if we less to consider this car. SUV offers a better fuel economy but I don’t think that it has an awesome performance.

I really don’t like the platform of sedan car for its kind of boring and it doesn’t have an impressive speed performance. And I think this production was already licensed under by Tata. I hope to see a power engine performance for the car.

Too bad that the Ford has sold this brand on Tata manufacturing! I wonder if they can built a powerful engine for this car. The Ford version of this car is quite impressive and I bet it has sell like hot cakes.

I was thinking that a roadster would be great than a sedan version!hmm. I wonder what would be the figure performance of the sedan model.

hmm. I really don’t think that sedan is a powerful car. I was thinking that this rendering would have a good result. Hey! I don’t want to see a modification in the exterior only but also in the engine.

This car looks and perform better than the XK production. Well, just looking at the figure performance of this one is incredible!

I think its a wonderful idea, but if they make this car. I hope they discontinue the XK

probably its best angle, unless they did something with those damn headlights. I want to love this car so badly, but those headlights keep killing it for me.

Wonderful and definitely got the looks to compete on equal footing, with the trendy high belt-line and minimal glass surface area.

It looks promising! I can’t wait for the details about the XF Coupe.

What genius over there at Jaguar had the bright idea to spend money engineering an XF coupe? Um... hello, it’s called the XK.

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