Jaguar XJ Catches Fire- No Not Its Sales - THE Car

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A 2007 Jaguar XJ of York caught fire in a parking lot after it’s owner Mr Elmer- luckily the owner was not in the vehicle when it caught fire. The owner had just received the car and it only had 11 miles on it. Apparently there was some sort of elecrical problem with the vehicle and it caught fire in the parking lot.

Mr Elmer states:

"It was only the second time I had driven it and I feel very unlucky. I had just 11 miles behind the wheel before it turned to scrap. The only things that are intact are the engine and headlights."

What does the owner plan to do after this catastrophe? Elmer plans to get another one once he has the chance. This vehicle was reportedly a demonstration. Good thing no one was in the car when the blaze happened and no one was hurt. Lastly lets hope that there are no more Jaguar XJ fires in the future.

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