James Bond's 1964 Aston Martin DB4 from Goldfinger being put up for auction

Every waking and breathing man on this planet has, at one point in their lives, dreamed of walking in the shoes of James Bond. C’mon, don’t deny it, because we certainly won’t.

And while we can’t have anything to hang our hats on becoming James Bond for a day, there’s a chance for anybody with $75,000 to spare to be able to drive home with one of James Bond’s prized rides. Used in the movie Goldfinger, this Aston Martin DB4, which has been sitting inside a garage for the past 26 years, has been dusted off and is now being put up for sale at Aston Martin’s annual factory auction.

While the price tag may be a little steep for a car that’s been barned for a quarter of a century, it’s still only sells for one-fourth the price tag of the dilapidated Aston Martin DB5 that was being sold for over £200,000.

It’s not the same as having James Bond’s whole smorgasbord of gadgets, but having the opportunity to drive around town behind the wheel of a DB4 is about as close as it gets to driving in the shoes of England’s Greatest Weapon.

Source: Bloomberg


Well it’s not quite as impressive as some later Bond cars, this Aston Martin boasts some interesting features, including a special, extra-light clutch and a thermostatically activated overheating alarm. Despite it’s apparent historical value, this car had actually been sitting in a garage since 1974 and that’s why this cost so expensive.

Guess they need a garage space for the new Aston Martin to be feature in the next James Bond Movie.

What? 26 years? Oh that was quite a long period of parking but it still has the AM’s front grille style.

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