James Bond trades martini for Coke - now stirred not shaken

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James Bond doesn’t drink Coke, does he? Looks like he’s chasing the baddies in his Aston Martin DBS , possibly going after the secret Coke formula? Regardless, this commercial has some cool shots of the Bond car.

Zero, Coke Zero? No, NO, NO.


hahaha! Well, I think they got a nice point there. James Bond always drink a Martini in a fine bar with a super hot chick. But he does not drink coke right?

Well, that would have been a funny moment if he actually ordered coke in a bar in front of a beautiful lady. Anyhow, one thing that you know would happen in a James Bond movie is that there will definitely be a hot car in the scene, the offset though is that after a few shots and some fancy gadgetry, he’ll end up crashing the car up. Sometimes he just blows it up. What a way with cars eh

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