Japan's Best Car magazine makes rendering of rumored Toyota FT-86F

The latest edition of Best Car is no different. In this issue, the magazine runs a story regarding the soon-to-be-released Toyota FT-86 , only this time, the story mentions that Toyota may also release a tuned-up version of the FT-86, which the magazine is calling the ’FT-86F’.

Unfortunately, we got lost in translation just by looking at the magazine so we really couldn’t piece together what the article was talking about. But thankfully, the rendering of the supposed FT-86F showed enough changes from the standard model that it was relatively easy to spot the more aggressive styling cues in the car, including those enormous air-intakes on each side of the bumper, a rear wing spoiler at the back, an upgraded hood and two modified center-mounted exhaust pipes.

Check out the photos of the magazine and see the differences yourself.

Source: Best Car Magazine


hmm I like the CR-Z Mugen Edition than this, beside CR-Z is already Rollin through the Japan Roads.

I have a strong feeling that this car will be very successful in the market. Also I guess it can take the place of the nissan GTR.

So what’s the F stands for? Isn’t it means Fast? hehehe just wondering...

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