Jetpack to be Sold for $100K

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Ever dreamed of being the Rocketeer? Well thankfully New Zealander Glenn Martin has had such dreams. The 48-year-old spent 27 years developing, what he considers, the first practical jetpack. Weighing 250-pounds the Martin Jetpack is powered by a 200bhp V4 engine providing 600 pounds of thrust. Right now it will only hover at about six feet, but the engineering team reckon they’ll have that up to 600 feet within a year. The jetpack has a range of about 30 miles, and will use up its fuel tank in about half an hour. For safety, it includes a ballistic parachute. Martin admits the device will likely give "somebody a very bad experience" at some point, but he said it’s still the "safest jetpack ever built."

This may not be a car, but we at TopSpeed like anything that moves - even if the direction is up.


0 minutes air born is not that bad at all. I have seen one jetpack from GoDaddy before but I don’t think that it can last that long in the air.

Cool stuff. It’s kind of big but very cool indeed. I want one!! smiley

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