Kaspersky Internet Security Ferrari Edition is a new wave of unorthodox profit-making

Ever hear of an antivirus with a V12 engine? It may sound a bit confusing, but that is what you get when you mix software companies and the automotive world. Kaspersky Internet Security has announced the launch of a special Ferrari Edition antivirus to celebrate the Formula One season. This special antivirus has been developed in cooperation with Ferrari and will be available worldwide at the end of March 2011. And here we thought automakers were going to stop at mugs, apparel, and bicycles.

"It’s the first time that Ferrari has co-branded with a software company,” said Kaspersky co-founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky. "Ferrari is co-branded everywhere, with merchandise and clothing in Ferrari stores all over the globe. This is the next step in our partnership; from my point of view Ferrari is perfect for us. It has speed and safety, and in IT security we also are all about speed and safety."

Don’t expect too much of Ferrari in the new program, though. There will only be a new Ferrari-themed user interface and an added Windows desktop gadget.

Source: IT Wire


haha. This is weird and yeah I bit of confusing. If you could go to official website
of Ferrari you could actually see them selling all this stuff from apparel, shoes, clothing and..

Well, this one is definitely a surprise and a bit of a disappointment on the part of Ferrari too. I mean, what else can you expect to get here.

I think my jaw dropped on that one! What the hell does Ferrari thinking when teaming up with Kaspersky? Are they expecting that a virus would infect a v12? This is one of the lamest news I’ve ever heard!

Well, you really can’t blame them, business is business, so they would want to make the most out of it. Imagine how it would look like if Ferrari partnered with a pest extermination company.

I actually don’t see anything wrong with the partnership, since both of them would be needing the promotion. But I still am thinking that this teamup is a weird idea.

What an useless marketing technique. I never knew that there will be benefit for such an odd pair succeed, in life or in business. What a waste.

Yeah, I agree with you, I really don’t get why they have to do this kind of promotion. It really doesn’t suit the two brands well because they are very unrelated.

Well, that one is a rather odd marketing move. I wonder what Kaspersky will be getting from this one. Though, a Ferrari themed anti virus might actually look good here.

Eh, Kaspersky donning Ferrari colors? That seems to be rather odd, I would prefer it the other way around. But then again, this is how all these promotional shebang goes.

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