Ken Block Gymkhana Round 2

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Ken Block is back with an all new Subaru and plenty of BFGs in the highly anticipated sequel to the original Gymkhana video starring the DC Shoes owner behind the wheel. This time Ken is sliding around in a rally inspired 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI built by Crawford performance. In order to top the Segway circling antics of the first Gymkhana video, Ken had to call in few friends to help out. Like MTV’s Rob Dyrdek and satelite radio’s Jason Ellis; the crew at Mad Media also brought along a big bag of props to take Gymkhana 2: The infomercial to the next level.


I’ve already watched it so many times and I must say, its way better than the fiesta, it is very stable when drifting because of it’s weight and ASWD.

Cool drifting by Ken Block, i really love the under container explosion effect, also like what you said, you can see SAW working specially in power distribution.

nice body kits for a nice drift tuned car, you can see how the Symmetrical-all-wheel drive work by impreza and how it distribute the power of its engine in every Wheels.

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