Ken Block's Gymkhana 3 set to drop today

For those of you waiting anxiously for Ken Block’s new free-wheeling joy ride, the Gymkhana III, to be officially introduced, your wait is finally over. The custom-made Ford Fiesta – one where he even took opinions from fans on how to build the car - is set to be unveiled today, August 24.

It goes without saying that Block’s Gymkhana cars have drawn worldwide acclaim for their daredevil stunts and crowd-pleasing antics. Its two predecessors, the Gymkhana and the Gymkhana II, became Internet sensations for the way Block performed a variety of driving styles that incorporated elements of drifting and rally racing all while being produced in such a way that incorporates a unique visual artistry that has catapulted Block to mainstream popularity.

So, to those that have clamored for the release of the Gymkhana III – and to the fans that helped ‘contribute’ to its creation – you can start your countdown now. Part 1 of the Gymkhana III will be released today. Let the awesomeness begin.


If its anything like the previous video its gonna . Now if its like the past video’s we are going to be seeing some epic hoonage. Either way I’ll watch it.

Every time I watch another Gymkhana video, I realize that I am not a pro driver

Well, what I could say but good luck to Ken..smiley

heck I’d like to have a fiesta, that’s a cool little car! and I’m old enough to remember the first time they were new..


Yes!! *cheering*

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