Kids re-create full-scale LEGO BMW X1

The LEGO BMW X1 has now been completed, and while there’s a stark difference from a real X1 – for starters, it doesn’t move – it does look remarkably similar to the real one.

Over 800 children between ages 5 to 13 years old – with the help of some BMW staff – worked on the project over the course of four days. It’s a remarkable feat for these young ones, a lot of whom worked tirelessly to create this 165,000 LEGO blocks masterpiece.

We especially like the BMW badge nestled on the front of the X1, which adds a touch of realism to the finished product. Good work kiddos!

Source: BMW Blog


Great work for those 800 children. I like it on how the grills really look like the same on the real one. I wonder if the model is still up or they have torn it down.

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