Koenigsegg CEO Believes Camshafts will go Away in a Decade's Time

Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra

In an interview with Jalopnik, Koenigsegg CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, presented his opinion about the future of automobile engines. Currently, almost every automobile engine uses a camshaft or multiple camshafts to open and close the intake and exhaust valves.

According to Koenigsegg, however, camshafts will be gone in the next decade, or so. He said that his company has been testing a new cam-less engines for quite some time now and that many other companies are also looking for other alternatives. Fiat, for example, is developing electro-hydraulic variable valve actuation technology in its Multiair engines.

We’re not too sure when new prototypes using the new cam-less technology will start seeing use, but according to him a decade seems like a tight deadline. We are all for new technology, but electronic valve actuation and other cam-free technology just seem like expensive ventures to take. But, we’re not engineers, so what do we know?

Source: Jalopnik


I am not using camshaft so I have no idea if it will affect me or not. But if the car manufacturer thinks that it would not hinder the driving or their car performance, then I guess they should give their consumers an option if they want to include the camshaft or not.

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