Koenigsegg Quant to debut in Geneva

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news or rumors from Koenigsegg, but now the Swiss supercar maker is using its home turf to show off something new. The Geneva Motor Show will be the place that Koenigsegg will show off a concept for a new vehicle called the Quant (teased above). If this is the long-rumored four-door sedan , then it may be upstaging cars like the Lamborghini Estoque with this muscular sedan.

Koenigsegg Quant to debut in Geneva

Koenigsegg will have another, less exciting, premiere in Geneva. It will debut a new infotainment system for the CCX . This will incorporate all of the supercar’s systems into one touchscreen, and bring some definition tho the CCX’s round, minimlist interior.

Source: Autoblog


Haha no worries, just thought The Sweeds have lost Saab this week, we shouldn’t take another from them!

Glaring error in all of this, Koenigsegg is Sweedish NOT Swiss!!!!

Another idea :

"Quant"ity of horsepower


Hem ...

In french (like all languages) the number after 4 is 5 . In french 5 is "cinq" . But it’s coming from "Quint"

So I don’t think it has to do with numbers smiley

I think it’s because it’s their 5th car ... (excluding specials like CCXR, CCGT .

1998-2001 study of the CC
2002-2005 CC8S
2004-2006 CCR
2006-today CCX

Quant seems awful close to quatre (French for four)...Hmmmm

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