KTM X-Bow production announced for 2008

The extremely positive reactions to the world premiere of the KTM X-Bow at the Geneva Motor Show gave the green light: the Upper Austrian company will produce its lightweight sports car in series. KTM’s partner for this production should be Magna Steyr Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik in Graz, Austria – a partner with a long tradition and considerable experience in automobile manufacturing. A corresponding letter of intent has already been signed.

This decision led to a change in plans for the start of the X-Bow production. Contrary to KTM’s earlier intentions to have development partner Dallara begin with a pilot series of 100 units, Magna Steyr will start the automobile’s assembly. KTM head Stefan Pierer explains that the reason for this switch is the possibility to react more quickly to the high demand: “At Magna Steyr, we will achieve a higher production output appreciably faster. Furthermore, this decision enables us to simplify the procedure: we have to start up only one manufacturing process.”

KTM X-Bow production announced for 2008

Manufacturing begins at Magna Steyr in Graz in early 2008

So production will start in early 2008, with the first deliveries to customers expected in February. In order to meet the high demand – the company currently has around 600 orders - KTM will strive to reach the maximum annual production capacity of about 1000 units as soon as possible. In the years that follow, KTM expects a sales volume of more than 500 units per year.

Plans are still in place to produce the first 100 units as an exclusive special series. These introductory models have long since sold out and will be delivered with plaques showing their sequential numbering in addition to premium equipment.

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