LA Design Challenge: Audi R25

LA Auto Show revealed its contenders for the 2008 Design Challenge, Motorsports 2025. First of them is the Audi R25, a car created at Audi Design Center in California.

LA Design Challenge: Audi R25

The inaugural Los Angeles round of the ALMS 2025 incorporates innovative features never previously seen in any form of motor sports, such as high-velocity banks and tunnels, which allow cars to race “inverted” and the opportunity to pass anywhere with aerodynamic racecars. All top sections of the tunnels and banks are also WiTricity wireless electrical charging zones, which encourage the drivers to utilize these free energy zones instead of fuel stops.

The R25 is designed to utilize and excel in this new racing environment, with features such as:

 1. The new Dynamic Space Frame, allowing much greater degree of flexibility, integration of circuits and rigidity
 2. Algae bio fuel for endurance and electric motor capability through Wireless power transfer technology
 3. Audi Design: Staying true to the “Form is Function” philosophy, there is not an ounce of needless element in the R25, which incorporates advanced technique and efficient form management into one. The car also uses: active micro-control surfaces which optimize airflow during the race; Man Machine Interface, which inputs all vehicle data output into the driver’s helmet visor; all-around vehicle dynamic sensors and integrated on-board HD cameras with real-time data links to allow for spectator interaction, allowing fans to virtually “sit” and experience the race in any racecar through monitors and virtual reality booths.

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