Lambo gets hit by an airplane

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Source: oregonlive

Marlowe Treit was driving his 1985 Lamborghini Countach on a road through the Aurora Airport when something hit him.

A Cessna collided with his Lamborghini, hitting the left side of the car pretty bad. The front propeller churned up the driver’s side of Treit’s.

The driver had no injuries after the accident, he walked away from the collision but his car hadn’t that chance. He estimates the crash damages at about $100,000.

Regarding the plane,one of the FBI agents wrote in a report that the plane was "moving down the taxiway and was about to enter the hangar area, moving at about a fast walk and crossing a narrow inner taxiway perpendicular to us when the aircraft crunched to a sudden stop".

"Out the left side window of the aircraft I saw a small black sports car dart from under the prop moving to my left, gushing fluid," said the FBI agent.

The driver of the Lambo describes the accident below:


first of all i wud like to slap the crap outa this guy for bein so stupid wat the hell was he doin on the flippin runway?!! as much highways there are that he cuda burn that car on, i say thats gud for him an that the fib shud not be held responsible ya put car in the wrong place at the wrong time have a gud one dumb@$$ wit ya scrap heep LMAO!!

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