Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 wrapped in Swarovski crystals

Lamborghini’s latest toy could be an amazing gift for the car-loving kid who knows how to take care of collectibles, or it could be one of those "I’m buying myself a great present" moments. This 1:18 scale Aventador LP 700-4 was built by Burago and is wrapped in Swarovski crystals. Yes, Swarovski.

Each unit is painted in a crystal color and features a total of 8400 Swarovski elements, emitting luxury and stunning brilliance from this tiny supercar. Each unit also comes in a Black leatherette box with an awe-inspiring realistic design.

Only 500 units of this very cool die-cast Aventador will be produced, so if anyone wants one, they’ll need to move fast and produce €1,000, about $1,300 at the current exchange rates. It may be a little early for Christmas, but they’ll surely sell out before that time comes.


Umm... no, Volkswagen’s DSG is actually the fastest shifting transmission on Earth.

maybe i am a little bit insane. it is a lot of money, indeed, even if it is covered with Swarovski... but if i like it soo much....smiley

people, are you crazy?! 1300$?! do you think it’s worth it?!

i’m not sure if it will be ok if my kid will get that car as a present.... i think i would fight with him for it...

fancy!!! it is a must have for my Swarovski collection. that car would look great next to another bijoux of that kind

aaaaaa....this is adorable!!! i would kill for it! I Must Have It!

the scale is 1:18 and the price is 1:180. the one who’d want the toy should be happy about that!

if the real car is a toy for adults, why wouldn’t there be a real toy addressed to the same audience?

i do not think a child could appreciate this toy at its real value. and i do not mean the financial one, but what it stands for: style and flamboyance!

this is no toy for kids. this is for grown ups!

i’ve always loved burago toys. but this one is over my budget!

toys like this should be given as souvenirs to those who buy the actual car. so that they can always have it near!

i’d die if i’d chip any of those crystals. and to buy it and keep it in a box would seem unfair!

too shiny if you ask me. but then again, i don’t have to buy it if i don’t like, do i?

this replica will come in fewer numbers than the car itself. that is quite interesting!

this sure looks expensive for a toy. but then again, no lambo is cheap, be it even a toy!

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