Lamborghini bares new details on the Cabrera supercar

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

There’s been a lot of automotive turnaround in Lamborghini over the past year. We saw the Murcielago come to pass, followed by the arrival of the Aventador , and most recently, the upcoming concept debut of the new Lamborghini SUV . Now, details have surfaced regarding the eventual successor to the Gallardo .

Speaking to Car and Driver, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann bared the first details behind the Cabrera supercar, Lamborghini’s future "entry level" model. According to Winkelmann, the Cabrera will represent a "styling revolution" from the Gallardo, a phrase that’s definitely going to generate some serious buzz within the auto circle. In addition, the Cabrera is will also be a two-seater model with a V10 engine that’s expected to carry around 600 horsepower.

Winkelmann also mentioned that the Cabrera won’t use as much carbon fiber as the Aventador in order to shave off the price tag for the supercar. Likewise, the Cabrera will also be sharing its platform with the Volkswagen Group that includes Audi and Porsche .

With the Gallardo nearing its last legs - over 12,000 models have already been sold - it appears that the Cabrera is getting closer and closer to making its debut. When that happens, it’s going to be the latest line-up upheaval from the Italian automaker, opening up a new chapter of supercar awesomeness that only Lamborghini can provide.


It doesn’t look like something that’s made by Lamborghini.

This looks mean and scary.

If based on the performance, this Cabrera surely wins, but if based on the appearance, I prefer the Aventador. This looks at a down grade from Lamborghini. It doesn’t look like it’s for a future line-up.

Cabrera is immensely vicious on its appearance. This Lamborghini car is undeniably wicked too, according to its performance figures.

I still like Aventador J better. This is pretty neat, but the latter is just really oozing of appeal.

It is exemplary on its performance, but its appearance is mediocre. I never thought Lamborghini could fail that aspect.

Hmm, if this surpasses the Aventador J, I’d probably be a fan of it too.

Lamborghini certainly knows how to excite their fans. I can’t wait to see this soon personally.

They should just reveal the full details already. Lamborghini has teased us enough.

Lamborghini is producing cars in trend. Having themselves celebrate for the success of the Aventador J and this Cabrera, they still have plans of releasing the Ferrucio next year.

Wow, it’s V10 engine beats the performance of some other cars with V12 engines! That amazes me. However, it lacks style. It seems like only its fascia is designed.

I wonder how this will turn out to be. I’m always interested with Lamborghini cars, so I’m really thinking hard if the image I visualized fits this car!

Its look isn’t impressive. Even if they change it, it will just look like their previous models.

@lala_roux, Lamborghini is a renowned maker of those kinds of setup. If you look at each and one of them, they look similar.

Are they releasing this on the upcoming car shows? I want to see this new super car of Lamborghini.

For an entry-level goal, it seems to be more advanced. Well, Lamborghini has the tendency to overdo what they originally aim to do.

I wonder why most of the car companies produce such scary-looking cars. Cabrera’s head lamps, hood, and bumper are honestly appearing mean.

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