Lamborghini dismisses rumor of turbocharged engine for the future Cabrera

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

When initial rumors about the next Lamborghini Gallardo , or Cabrera as it is supposed to be named, surfaced online, it was reported to carry a turbocharged engine with an output of about 600 HP. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In a recent interview, Lamborghini boss, Stephan Winkelmann, stated that it was unlikely that the company would turn to turbocharging this decade, but that it may happen at some point.

"For this decade, I don’t see it happening in the super sport car business – although I would also caution against saying it could never happen. The future can take its own path when fuel regulations are involved. All I will say is that any development along those lines must be consistent with the DNA of Lamborghini."

On that same token, Audi - who shares the Gallardo platform with the R8 sports car - has stated that a turbocharged engine option might appear by the end of the decade. Will Lamborghini Lamborghini allow Audi to throw the first punch when their car wouldn’t exist without the Gallardo platform? Guess we’ll find out when the Cabrera makes its world debut in two years.

Source: AutoCar


What I like about this concept is that it aims to be more competitive and aggressive on its looks. Any ways, the front hood is so unique and stylish.

Wow! This is really an attention seeker on the road. The exterior detailing amazed me most because of the unique curve on it. This concept looks like a robot when transformed.

Lamborghini is the best and nothing but the best. The style, concept and the features are all outstanding. There’s nothing we could ever wish for. I will be more lucky if I have at least one model for this car.

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