Lamborghini Espada tuning

It seems incredible, but what you see in here is nothing else than a 1970 Lamborghini Espada S2.

Source: Diariomotor

Its bold line, its prestigious mark, its powerful motor 3,9 V12 with an output of 350 hp and the simple fact of being a classic car haven’t been enough for its owner. He had "to adapt it to his tastes". At least he managed to make his car famous. Little reward for such a big crime.

Lamborghini Espada tuning
Lamborghini Espada tuning


Good God , this is the first time I see this..I will not leave this guy in a room with a spray can and the Mona Lisa. did he think he could ever outclass a Bertone Design. or pick up what they forgot to do while designing the Espada. Hope he is not a plastic surgeon...with Claudia Chiffer on his table . she will end up looking like Boris Carlof.

looks more like a muscle car than a exotic

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