Lamborghini Estoque delayed, maybe canceled

The global economic crisis already forced Lamborghini to shut its doors for a few weeks , and now its put the Estoque sedan on indefinite hold. According to Maurizio Reggiani, Lambo’s head of research and development, "The timing and market conditions are just not right for an additional model line."

It seems that there had not been a lot of cash committed to Lamborghini’s first sedan project yet, and so Lamborghini was able to put it on a shelf without much financial penalty. There has been no mention yet when or if the project will be restarted.

The Estoque was supposed to borrow heavily from its corporate cousin Audi . So if plans for a car that could share parts over multiple car lines has been put on indefinite hold, how much hope can we keep for the mostly bespoke Murcielago replacement ?

Source: AutoCar

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