Lamborghini-Ferrari-McLaren F1 supercar?

The Predator Extreme is a car with an identity crisis. It does not know whether it is an expensive Italian supercar, a Formula 1 inspired sportscar or a Japanese sedan; because it calls upon touches from all of these. The nose is inspired by the Ferrari Enzo . The bodylines are pure Lamborghini and although the seats look like the Lambo offerings, the seating position is pure McLaren F1 . Quite possibly my favorite touch to the exotic looking kit car is the incorporation of the Infiniti G35 taillights. Whoever would have thought that Nissan’s luxury brand would be said amongst the names of Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren?

Even though the looks of this hodgepodge of expensive supercars is highly criticized across the web, the producers of Knight Rider liked it enough to blow it up on their TV show.

Source: Jalopnik


The car interior is weird with three seats and the wheels are on the center. The Predator Extreme is really hard to distinguish where it get its identity because its concepts come from different cars.

The platform of this one is truly so strange and at the same time looks very aggressive! I love the fact that this one is really a super car which everyone would wish to have, but I wonder if they had any plan to put this on the market?

It is quite impressive and cool for me. Combination of 3 super cars. I bet it will cost high in the market, and it is really an exotic car. It is the first time that I saw this kind of combination.

A very well detailed supercar. However, the first impression would be – it looks like a car toy! But how wonderful it is to see a car like this in action. Job well done!

Plastic anyone?

It looks like a toy car that was played by a little kid

This Lamborghini looks so weird to me. How much it costs today?

rofl. This is the best yet of the strangest car.

haha. I can’t stop laughing. It looks so strange.

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