Lamborghini Gallardo driver shows us how not to drive

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We all love viral videos. Sure, half of them are completely irrelevant to everyday life, but we can always find time to watch them. The following video is no exception, with it raking up in almost 2 million views in a couple of days, and it’s not surprising why.

A trio of citizens from Chicago in the U.S. managed to film a $225,000 Lamborghini Gallardo crashing into oncoming traffic and swiftly bursting out laughing, just like we did, even though thousands of dollars of damage was inevitably caused. After all, it’s always fun watching videos of supercar drivers who have no clue in how to control their mighty, Italian machines.

One of the most ironic things about the video is that the man filming picked that the Lamborghini owner was going to pin the throttle through the turn and then just seconds later, it all started to unfold. Whilst getting off the line quite slowly, the owner began to increase their speed through the corner (just like any other good driver does) but before straightening out, the throttle was floored and a split-second later, the tail begins to slide wide sending the Italian supercar into two stationary cars on the opposing side of the road.

All we can say is that we’d hate to see the driver controlling a rear-wheel drive car, as that obviously wouldn’t end well.

Check it out!


This should better be not done on purpose secretly; safety isn’t something to be risked just to give a sample warning.

Why must they show a bad example anyway?

I agree. It was an utter embarrassment and disappointment to my eyes.

I think we don’t need a lesson on that one. This was a downright waste.

Wow, yeah, this is the epitome of a fail driving. Be sure not to follow this one.

This is not amusing at all; anyone, including the driver, could be in danger because of improper and unskilled driving capability. Furthermore, are they not even dejected about the damages and how much it would cost to repair them?

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