Lamborghini Gallardo tests the stability of a traffic pole

There are some accidents that are just completely unavoidable. With these types of accidents, you have no other option but to chalk it up to being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. This, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. A Porsche dealership in Laval, Quebec was servicing a Lamborghini Gallardo when a mechanic, after doing the necessary alignments on the car, decided to take it out for a spin despite of the less-than-ideal weather conditions.

While doing some test runs on the car, the mechanic lost control of it and ended up crashing it into a traffic light pole with the force of the crash causing the post to fall straight into the Gallardo.

It got a lot stranger when the Porsche dealership, who technically didn’t get permission from the driver to test run the car in the wet conditions, refused to pay any sort of compensation for the damages done to the car. We’re smelling a lawsuit here.

Whatever the case may be, this incident is a tough way to crash a Lamborghini Gallardo, and we’ve seen plenty of them in our time.

Source: Montreal CTV


"this just in, a modified high end sports car makes a high 1/4 mile time that breaks no ground" will end up in the lawsuit when they don’t settle this issue..

I only got it after reading your comment. Thank you for enlightening me!

the tires, especially the front, look like they are almost off their bead. You can see the rim edge hanging off the side.

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