Lamborghini Jota testing on German Autobahn

The Murcielago ’s future replacement went testing again. This time, the Lamborghini Jota was out on the German autobahn, and, as usual, there was a lucky guy hanging out to catch it and bring us beautiful footage of the sports car. We’ve already seen the first teaser image of the future supercar, but having a video will entertain us for that much longer until the Paris Auto Show where we hope we’ll get the car’s official details.

It’s already been reported that the Jota will be shorter and weigh about 300lbs. less than the Murcielago. It will be built on a new carbon-fiber tub and will use as much aluminum and carbon fiber as possible to reduce weight. The Jota will hit a top speed of 230mph and will sit on new 21" wheels over upgraded Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. It will also come with Audi’s torque vectoring technology which offers even better handling.


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