Lamborghini Murcielago crashes into BMW dealership destroying 8 motorcycles

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A stunning black Lamborghini Murcielago recently crashed into a BMW Motorcycle dealership in Como, Italy, destroying eight motorcycles and sustaining massive exterior damage itself.

The driver reportedly lost control of the high-powered supercar a few days ago, although no additional details have been released about why the driver lost control. We suspect speed was a factor.

Fortunately, both the driver and passenger managed to escape the incident uninjured. However, the eight motorcycles and Lamborghini involved weren’t so lucky. After losing control, the Murcielago speared into the dealership which was lined with motorcycles, while the showroom itself also suffered damage, this time only minor.

As a result of the destruction caused by this crash, the repair and replacement bill is set to spiral into the hundreds of thousands of dollars as the Murcielago is likely to be a complete write-off while all motorcycles will have to be replaced.

Check out the full gallery, if you can bear the destruction.


It’s much better to ask what is the total cost of the damages on BMW dealership branch.

I’m afraid that all eight BMW motorcycles need to be back at the plantation.

Too bad if the BMW motorcycle were wrecked. Of course, he has to pay for it.

He almost killed by his own thirst on speeds of Lamborghini.

He deserves that because he is over speeding. If there’s anyone or something we pity that must be the BMW motorcycle.

I pity that driver. Lamborghini Murcielo’s price is not a joke. I think he is so devastated because the car is now in a miserable condition.

There’s only one reason from this accident. It’s the temptation on the top speed of the Lamborghini.

That’s what they get if they abused the Lamborghini. Do not dare trying to make a 190+ MPH in the urban areas, that can lead into disaster like this Murcielago.

It’s a total wreck for that Murcielago. Lucky is passengers who were quickly escaped on that rushing super car, unlike those motorcycles that receive damages after the passage of the Murcielago.

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